Community Philosophy



Who we are


We are a global community of people interested in making positive changes in our own lives and in the lives of those around us.


We welcome anyone who is interested in perusing this mission with is … there are no boundaries due to geography, race, culture or religion.


We are private, independent, self-funded and are not affiliated with any religious, political or corporate organization.



What we believe


We believe that life is a journey


We see life as a continual journey of discovery and growth and we encourage others to become fully involved in their own lives and in becoming their best selves.


We believe that people and relationships matter


We believe that people give meaning to our lives and that all people deserve to be treated with respect and (to be allowed to) pursue their own life direction provided they do so without harming others.


We believe in enriching lives, not escaping them


We are not interested in escaping our lives through a virtual world but in having the opportunity to step back from the hectiness of life in order to reflect, recharge and refocus – and to bring this into everyday lives in a way that enriches our experience of life.


We believe that by facing the challenges of our life we become stronger

We believe that we gain inner strength when we face and overcome the inevitable challenges and obstacles of our life.




What we can offer you


We offer a comfortable way to make positive changes in your life


We offer a range of Life Programs to assist people as they face obstacles and challenges in their lives.  These life changing programs aim to help in a comfortable, engaging and effective way, to make positive changes and move forward in their lives.


We offer a safe space to meet others


We strive to provide a safe and engaging space for people to reflect on their own lives, to make positive steps forward and to be involved with other like-minded people in an encouraging and supportive manner.


We offer an opportunity to belong to a community


We hope to create a sense of belonging to the greater world and a connection with others’ lives – even ones that are very different to our own.  We remain united in the common goal of wanting to live well ourselves and to encourage and support others in doing the same.