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Rather than pray for a life that is problem-free

Ask for one which is solution-full

Instead of praying that God removes the mountain before you

Seek the strength to climb it.

                                  Douglas Bloch

Life Solutions online helps people make positive changes in their lives.

Its mission is to reach out to people  – in the comfort of their homes – and to build supportive online communities for people who are actively trying to move forward in their lives.

We believe that life is a journey and that struggles are inevitable. Read the community’s philosophy here.

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Life Solutions is the vision of John and Therese Schilt.  Read their story here.

Life Solutions has a number of focus areas – we call ‘communities’.  These include:

  • Building Stronger Families
  • Beyond Depression
  • Living Well
  • Successful Thinking
  • Surviving Burnout
  • The Power of Two
  • Overcoming The Past