About Therese

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Hi, my name is Therese and I am a Clinical Psychologist living and working in Sydney, Australia.

You may be wondering why I have become involved in the Living Well community and in writing the Life Program Stronger Everyday.

During the last twenty-five years in my practice, I have had the opportunity to work with many people who – for various individual reasons – their lives have been altered forever by the experience of illness or disability.

While working with them face to face in my consulting room, I have often thought about how they may benefit from the opportunity to connect with others in the same situation and from the comfort of their own home to work though at their own pace many of the common issues and dilemmas that they are facing with their illness or disability.

I found in this community Living Well  a vehicle to bring these ideas to life.

My hope is that you may find Stronger Everyday a useful resource in your own life, and that you are warmly welcomed into the Living Well community.

I’m always interested to hear any thoughts or feedback on how to make things even better.  I can be contacted through therese.livingwell@lifesols.com.au.

Best wishes.

Therese Schilt